Where to buy Adderall generic brands online in India?

Unfortunately neither Adderall, Vyvanse or Dexedrine or Concerta, are absolutely not accessible in India. These drugs are likewise exceptionally illegal and forbidden for any kind of import/export/personal use.  There is no generic Adderall brands manufactured in India and there is no indian pharmaceutical company producing or going to manufacture the generic version of Adderal.

The main ADHD meds (Schedule X drugs) accessible in India are atomoxetine (generic Straterra/Attentrol) andmethylphenidate (generic Ritalin which goes under brand names like Addwize – Sun Pharma or Inspiral – Ipca; take note of that these are moment discharge tranquilizes; the managed discharge details like generic Concerta are additionally accessible)

Taking into consideration that these drugs are  Schedule X substance, classified by India FDA there would be not easy to get it getting it since you prescription from Psychiatrists’and Clinic/Hospital stamp is required, also there are not so many pharmacies having a license to sell Shedule X drugs so the whole process of buying Adderall in India may take a while.  There is a less scheduled adderall alternatives, like Modafinil. You can find these alternatives here; they are produced in India and available in online stores.

When we talk about generic Straterra, Ritalin or other  ADHD drugs we must assure you can’t buy these drugs online from India due to a fact Schedule X are forbidden for export and even if they are shipped in the paper bag, there is a high risk package can be retained, due to a fact high Shedule drugs have the highest risk of inspection and retention.