Reviews of Adderall XR by Actavis, Teva and Barr

Review 1:

Adderall XR by Actavis question…
My Ndoc put me back on adderall.
I used to take adderall for years but this is my first time in well over a year and my first time on the 30 xr in over 4 yrs, it was name brand.
My last dose was 10mg XR brand + 10mg IR generic, both together two times daily. I would fall asleep like I was sedated and have crazy rages when it wore off (I only discovered it was the adderall causing this after trying it again after being off for several months). So I stopped taking it.
I just started taking generic 30 mg xr 2 days ago.

Day one it took an hour and a half to kick in. I could tell when it did because my heart started racing. I went to the living room and reclined on the couch for an hour to see if that would calm things before taking my bp and pulse. After resting for an hour, Bp 92/57 pulse 106. I knew it was fast because I could feel it and you could even see it through my shirt. Not a panicky or jittery feeling at all, just a really fast heart rate. By the end of the day I noticed some teeth pain, I had made an effort to be aware and not clench/grind my teeth, because this was a huge problem with the -vigils. I didn’t have that urge to grind my teeth and checked periodically to make sure I wasn’t doing it without realizing it. So I know it wasn’t that. I realized my mouth felt a little drier than usual and figured that was why my teeth were aching. My eyes were drier too. No crazy rages when it wore off, which was my big concern. No noticeable effects on my EDS. Appetite issues, “classic adderall”, pit of my stomach hunger with almost no appetite, I had to force myself to eat. I hate that feeling :^\

Yesterday Day 2: Same high “racing” pulse feeling. Mouth and eye dryness were much worse :^( this is a major problem because I already have a lot of dental issues due to Sicca syndrome (excessively dry mucus membranes) and connective tissue disease. I felt really drowsy all day yesterday. Mind-numbing sleepiness with a racing pulse sucks! My friend and I were discussing it and I told her I’m being patient and hoping I will acclimate, but I can’t keep taking it if this is what it’s going to do to my heart rate every day. I woke up this morning with red glossy eyes because they were so dry and my mouth was so dry my tongue was bright white and my gums looked irritated and slightly retracted. This really sucks because I’m having a procedure today at 1pm that requires me to have nothing by mouth after midnight last night.

I won’t know about day 3 until tomorrow because of the procedure. If the dryness gets any worse day 3 may have to be the last.

I’ve read about a lot of bad experiences with this generic. The majority being in ADD forums from long time users, saying this particular generic left them feeling more like they took a sleeping pill, or like they took a sleeping pill along with adderall. Someone with N posted a comment about how tired this generic made them and how dangerous that can be for someone with N.

It’s the solid orange capsule from Actavis EL. Have any of you taken this? Do you notice a difference between it and others? If this continues, I’m wondering if I should ask to try a different generic or even brand before giving up on it?


Review 2:

Warning to all: Adderall recall!!!
Allergan’s Actavis recalls nearly 600,000 bottles of ADHD drug.
Be careful if you order overseas or from someone that sources from there. I think they are selling old adderall from this recall.

I think what happened is they are selling off stock they got real cheap to U.S.A. I think they know exactly what they are doing.

Any buyers need to have pictures sent of pills
if they are the TEVA brand they should not buy!!

This was reported by a member that was affected. Got extremely sick, vomiting, heart racing, intusive thoughts.

Review 3

When I started adderall it was from Actavis and worked fairly well for focus, attention and alertness. I was switched to generic because of insurance, but never knew that could have been the difference.

Back then I took what doctors and pharmacists said at face value. When the adderall quit being effective, I was told I needed a higher dose. This continued until I was feeling amped/agitated and still drowsy, so my doctor tried different things like a low dose IR multiple times a day, etc. As I said, before I finally quit taking adderall, I was on both 10mg IR and 10mg XR taken together, once in the morning, once in the afternoon.

This is a new doctor and we were discussing my extreme EDS, despite being able to sleep on xyrem. He wanted me to try adderall again now that I’ve been on xyrem for over a year. I haven’t found it to be alerting at all. I know others have posted that generic adderall xr specifically is really hit or miss. Of course I realize different people have different experiences. However if a lot of people have similar good experiences from one manufacturer, then similar bad experiences from this other manufacturer, or vice versa that would be useful info.

Review 4:

I always bought generic adderall online. Wanted to try the Nam brand to see if there was a difference.after the entire month there was no difference in the brand name and the generic. I was also told ther is only 1 manufacturer of adderall and the generic.
The question I have is they tell you to store adderall in certain temps . Well then why is it when adderall get shipped to the store there is no temperature controll. Or if you mail order them the prescription comes in a plastic bag that get very warm. Well above 80 degrees. Supposedly it hurt the effectiveness.

Teva Reviews

Review 5:

You may have success requesting it from your pharmacy, or at least you could ask which generic manufacturer brand they have, and if they won’t order a different one, you can try another pharmacy. My rite aid used to always order Teva adderall so I only ran into trouble once when I went somewhere else. For adderall, it seems that Teva and Barr are reported to be good, but I’ve never taken the Barr ones.