Is it legal to import Adderall to Australia

This law is common for all the cities of Australia including Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Vic, Brisbane QLD, Perth WA, Adelaide, SA.
According to Australia law (2017 – 2018) Australian citizens or tourists can lawfully import (when ether buy Adderall online or carry Addderall while travelling) certain amount of medicines for personal use under the individual import exception. This exception does not permit the individual to import those medicines that are forbidden to import by Customs legislation, or medicines for injections that consist of material of human or animal inception (with the exception of insulin), unless you have received a permission prior to importing process.

Adderall is classified as a drug forbidden to import in accordance to Regulation 5 (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956. Due to such regulation Adderall can not be delivered in legal way without permission for import which should be issued in advance, before actual import of this medicine. The import process starts when merchandise land in Australia. Later it will be seized by Australian customs. This would be the time you need to provide your permission. In case your import permission date is older than merchandise seizure date, there is a high risk to lose your Adderall because customs may refuse any permission that is issued after the seizure date.
To make your import permission you will have to find an Australian doctor, he is in response of your medicine. Doctor should apply TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and get the Special Access Scheme (SAS) permission to treat a patient with Adderall under Category B of the Scheme.
In the TGA application, the specialist needs to give a diagnosis and offer clinical treatment. It should be explained that Adderall is important medicine for treatment of the exact patient and it should be used over similar products which are registered and available in Australia. If TGA approval is received the permission for import of Adderall will be immediately issued. This will make your Adderall purchase legal.

While flying with Adderall to Australia from any other country please note:
– Under the Customs(Prohibited Exports) and (Prohibited Imports) Regulations, people are permitted to legally convey drugs from and to Australia: If they are a traveler on board, If pharmaceuticals they carry are required for the therapeutic treatment of the individual or of another traveler under the care of the individual and, If the pharmaceuticals were prescribed by medical specialist for the purpose of treatment.
– You should always keep the script or the letter from your doctor where he confirms that pharmaceuticals you carry are required for your treatment and the fact you carry them is not against the Australian law.
– While travelling internationally, you should always fill the declaration where you should declare all medications you carry, which goes with doctor’s prescription. Every time you need to show your declaration to Customs authorities;
– All pharmaceuticals should be held in their unique packaging with original labels.
– A person can import up to a 3 month supply of the drugs according to the daily dose suggested by the pharmacist;
– You can also contact the embassy of the country you are travelling to and find out a special requirements you may be affected while importing your pharmaceuticals .