How to buy cheap generic Adderall with prescription online?

How to buy generic Adderall online if I Have a Prescription?

If a doctor’s given you a legitimate prescription, you’d think buying generic Adderall online would be okay. Truthfully, regulation varies so much that buying online is a real gamble. Huge government bureaucracies can’t keep up with the rapidly expanding world of e-commerce.
You might be in the clear buying cheap Adderall online with your prescription, but the best answer is maybe at best. If you’re buying Adderall outside of your home country, even with a prescription, it’s considered illegal. The postal service doesn’t have the time or the ability to check you have a legitimate prescription, and so these packages often get confiscated. Worse, the potential criminal offenses make this gamble even more undesirable.

Here’s the bottom line: buying prescription Adderall is completely legal in the US as long as you:
– actually have a valid prescription for the specific medication you’re buying (expired ones don’t count)
– you’re buying from a company within the US licensed to sell your medication
– for schedule II ADHD medicines, the DEA’s official stance is that it’s okay to fill “valid prescriptions for Schedule II substances if the patient or prescriber provides you with the signed original prescriptions prior to dispensing. Practically, it is unlikely that most patients will want to wait the time required for such a transaction.”

This means scanning in a copy over email or sending a fax aren’t legitimate in the eyes of the US government. You need to send the actual Rx signed by your doctor in the mail to be in the clear, and as the DEA stated, that takes time most people won’t want to make.


Is it Still Worth it?
Assuming you have an Adderall prescription, are the online savings enough to make all the hassle outlined above worth it? Doing a quick Google search to “Buy cheap generic Adderall Online” showed a host of illegal sites I had to sift through to find actually legitimate places to buy it within the US with a prescription. Recent prices showed $139 for a one-month supply of Adderall XR.The sites we found ranged from $106 to $110, but it was a struggle telling which ones I could trust. Adderall generics are mostly produced in Pakistan where quality control can be poor. We strongly recommend to try Adderall alternatives like Modafinil or other Nootropics.