How to buy Adderall in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia?

Amphetamines are illegal to possess in the whole Asia so one can’t buy adderall in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia, even if one have a foreign prescription for this drug. You can’t buy it in the local pharmacies and there are no domestic manufactures producing it. At the moment Adderall is produced in the USA and Canada only.

Psychiatric care standards in Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand are the same as in most other Asia countries: people are treated for A.D.D. with another substances like ritalin, concerta, and other drugs that are not amphetamine based. The most popular adderall alternative is Modafinil.

Asia has very clear guidelines for controlled and scheduled drugs compared to other countries, but somehow, Modafinil happens to lie in muddy waters again! Regulations state that these drugs may be purchased for personal use, and personal use only; it may not be distributed or sold, similar to the UK’s ruling. Right at the moment Modafinil is the best alternative to Adderall available in many online stores. The most popular brand is Modalert by Sun Pharmaceuticals, manufactured in India.

When purchasing Modafinil online, take the time to find a good, reputable company. We advise you read up on reviews and compare prices to get a goodCa view on cost and quality. Importing quantities of 30-90 days seems to be the sweet spot if you’re looking to get your drugs quickly and without delay, and so it is very common among Modafinil buyers.